We’re part of a BODY

We’re part of a BODY – 11/3/16

Last night at our fellowship night, the topic was on what the church is to God, and one of the points the speaking brother talked about was the church as the Body of Christ. So, growing up, I knew that the members of the Body were the fellow believers and that we’re all connected through Christ. But what I didn’t really realize was just how far that relatedness extended. “And whether one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or one member is glorified, all the members rejoice with it.” (1 Cor 12:26). The speaker tried to demonstrate by lightly punching another brother in the arm to demonstrate that although the target was the arm, the whole body reacts. In our case, we are the members and Christ is our Head, so when one of us suffers, the rest suffers as well, including the Head. We might not realize just how interconnected we are, but since we all have Christ’s life in us, we are connected through Him. That’s why we need to strengthen and build one another up by sharing with one another our portions of Him. During the college conference, we saw that the Lord wants us to “Always rejoice” (1 Thes 5:16) and when one member is glorified, the rest of us rejoices with that member!