Third General Recap | 11.22.10

This was our last general club meeting for the semester. If anyone is interested in being a committee coordinator for next semester, it may be good to consider some ideas for improving the committees. We have done a lot of new things this semester with the committees, and a number of initiatives have worked out well, but there is always room to grow.

In this past semester, we have been having evening Bible studies every week. In any given week, on average, there are about 5 new members in attendance with 29 other students. With our Saturday night large group meetings, the count has been smaller with an average of 19 students participating. This last number is a bit concerning, because we began the semester off with about 25 students participating, but three weeks ago, dropped down to only 12. Perhaps there is something we can consider here.

Committee reports

College Conference: At the Northern California college conference last month, there were a total of 240 in attendance from the different universities. We had 73 participating from Berkeley, 47 of those being students. The College Conference Committee did a good job of encouraging people to register and arranging the rides to get everyone up to the conference center.

Web Tech & Social Media: With the semester nearing its close, most of us will be dispersing to various locations over winter break. And although we may not have the same opportunities to have fellowship face to face, we can utilize our Christians on Campus Facebook page to share with one another our enjoyment of Christ over the holidays.

One question was also posed to the group — in addition to Facebook, is there another means that we can utilize to increase our inter-connectivity?

Activities: In the past month, the Activities Committee had organized a blending time with our sister club from Davis, as well as a Veterans’ Day activity (Medic!). It seems that everyone had a good time throwing/dodging newspaper balls and trying to capture the opponents “flag.”

Food: The Food Committee has been faithfully stocking the student center with snacks, and they were also the primary ones who prepared dinner for our blending time with Davis, which was delicious. And because this was the last general meeting for the semester, they made fruit parfaits and chicken salad sandwiches for our enjoyment.

Outreach: The Outreach Committee has been hosting a time on Thursday nights to pray for friends and classmates with a view of the gospel. The time is only half an hour long and is in the library at 2430 Dana St. from 7:20pm to 7:50pm.

Internal Relations: Internal Relations thanks all those who came out to help with the fundraising. A portion of the funds will be for an end of the semester banquet on Dec. 9th. Care packages will be given out to those attending the banquet. If are interested in attending, please RSVP to the Evite by Dec. 2nd. If you did not receive an Evite, contact Rebecca Lin (

Trips: The primary purpose of our Spring Break trips have been to visit the believers in other cities, to see and join in with what they are doing there. All those who have gone in the past can testify that it is a special opportunity to have our view of the Body of Christ enlarged. In addition, those who are on the trips also have a great time getting to know one another. Then, there’s also the matter of sightseeing we do on the side.

For more information concerning the trip destinations, please visit the Spring Break Trip page on our club website. On the page is also a link to a form if you any input concerning the destinations.

Design: The Design Committee unveiled that the club t-shirt is now a club hoodie (although t-shirts may still be available)! Members of the committee presented the design that they’ve been working on and informed us on how we can go about ordering them. For more information, please go here.


End of Semester Banquet (Dec. 9):

  • Please RSVP by Dec. 2 via the Evite
  • Contact: Rebecca Lin (

Winter Retreat (Jan. 14-16):

  • Registration deadline: Jan 9th
  • $20 safety deposit
  • Contact: Sarah Cho (

Spring College Conference (Mar. 5-6):

  • will be held in Berkeley