Second General Recap | 10.11.10

In our second general meeting, we had testimonies from the Bible studies (3 from Wed. evening, 1 from Thu. evening, and a pair in French) and reports from the club committees.

We were reminded that the purpose of the club is to help members develop a personal relationship with God and to equip everyone with the truth, which means that our focus is on people. Everything we do as a club, including our different events and activities, is motivated by our desire to care for others.

We even have two committees specifically for the care of people: Internal Relations and Outreach. It’s good to see so many participate in Internal Relations, but we do have a lack in Outreach. Our realization is that we should not only care for the members within the club, but we should also be outward-facing to consider all men. From the Gospels, we see that the Lord did not only focus His care on the twelve, but even went out of His way for ones like the Samaritan women at the well. This is the heart of our Savior God, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth.

Bible study testimonies

From the testimonies, the general impression of the Bible studies is that they have been refreshing, and are informal times to get into the Word together, hear from others, and ask questions. Different Bible studies have been covering books such as 2 Timothy, 2 Corinthians, John, Matthew, and The Glorious Church (French).

Committee reports

College Conference: The first deadline for registration is this coming Sunday (Oct. 17). Please turn in your registration forms as soon as possible and remind others to do so as well. The Retreats Committee will also be contacting members of the club in the upcoming week to encourage them to go and address any concerns people might have concerning school work or financial issues.

Web Tech & Social Media: Our club’s website has been redesigned and is a way for others to know who we are. We also have a Facebook page and Twitter feed; the FB page allows us to share what we’ve enjoyed with one another and the Twitter feed provides “hot bread” for daily spiritual nourishment.

Activities: A number of activities are in the works, including a one-day blending trip to either Sacramento or San Francisco.

Food: The Food Committee has been stocking the student center with snacks. One lesson they’ve learned is that students eat a lot. They will also be preparing snacks for the rides up to college retreat.

Internal Relations: The water bottle fund-raiser this past Saturday during the Homecoming Game (Cal vs UCLA) was a success. This fund-raiser is a fun way to contribute to the needs of fellow club members, and the water bottles sell like hotcakes. If you didn’t get the chance to participate, another opportunity is coming up in two weeks.

Please sign-up for time slots here: Bottled Water Fund-raiser

Trips: During Spring Break, we like to take trips to visit believers in other cities involved with our sister clubs. In the recent years, we’ve visited the Northwest, the New England Area, and even went down to Southern California to help out with a building project for a ministry conference center. These trips have been wonderful times to visit other Christians, to spend time together, and also to have some sightseeing along the way.

This year, we are considering six potential locations for Spring Break:

  • Montreal
  • Puerto Rico
  • New York
  • Salt Lake City/Denver/Ft. Collins
  • Houston
  • Atlanta/Athens

Design: The Design Committee has been working on t-shirt designs and presented them for suggestions and feedback.

At the end of our second general, we gave each attendee a gospel tract to pass out on the way home as a simple way for everyone to participate in some form of outreach.