Romans Bible Study Recap 10/23-24/13

Hard to believe that its already the middle of October, time flies! Even harder to believe is that our college conference is only a week away. Get excited people, and get ready for one of the best weekends of your life. (Not even an exaggeration). Anyway, on to the weekly recap of Romans. This week we went over chapter 6, and we really enjoyed the matter of baptism. Verse 3 states that “all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus have been baptized into His death.” This means that when we are baptized, our old man, which inherited all the things of Adam like sin and death, is crucified with with Christ. As a result, our old man and the sin in our body dies in us and no longer has authority over us. Praise the Lord for this! Another matter we went over is that Baptism represents a transfer into a new realm. With it, we get out of the land of sin and into the realm of life. This is typified by the story of the Jews in the Old Testament, who were in Egypt, the land of sin. However, their crossing of the red sea represents our baptism. After they crossed the sea, the Pharaoh no longer had authority over and the ability to control the Jews. Just like this, our baptism takes us away from the authority of sin and into where we can enjoy the Lord! May we no longer serve sin as slaves and receive the gift of God, which chapter 16 says is “the eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” –Tim T.