Message from the College Conference Committee | 10.14.10

Dear Christians on Campus Member:

The college retreat is coming up soon. Actually, the first registration deadline is this Sunday, October 17. Twice a year, the college retreat is a time to blend with college students from other campuses in Northern California, and a time to lay everything aside to see Jesus only as the wonderful one. If you intend to attend this fall college retreat and have not yet registered, please do so by this Sunday. The retreat applications are available in the Student Center at Dana and Haste. Please fill out your application and turn it in along with the check to one of the staff members. Please note that the registration fee after October 17 will be increased by $30 (or 33.3%). Register ASAP. If you are not planning to attend the fall college retreat, please continue reading.

Recently, we have realized that many students feel that they are not able to attend the retreat because of schoolwork/tests. For this reason, we have asked a several upperclassmen to write their experiences of attending the retreats despite the conflicts with school work. One of their sharings is quoted below, please continue reading:

“There were pretty much ALWAYS exams, assignments, whatever, due around the college conference. Actually, there were always exams, assignments, etc, throughout the year.. so, that’s actually not the primary issue. We’re always going to be busy in our lives. When you graduate from college, you probably won’t remember how you did on that one midterm in that one class. But whatever you get from the college conference is a help for your walk with the Lord which has eternal value. 🙂 And… the college conference only happens once a semester. You have exams quite a few times during the semester, and I actually get more studying done during the college conference than I do at home, believe it or not. It’s easier for me to study when I’m moved from my familiar environment to something different. There’s study time during the conference mainly in the afternoons and since I’m away from distractions, there’s a bit more incentive to study. Seek first the kingdom! I’m not asking you to be irresponsible, but consider what’s valuable, and plan accordingly. The Lord Jesus gave His life for us, and the college conference can be a wonderful time to enjoy all the riches He has in store for us as believers. We never really know what we have in the storehouse until we pay the price to go find out.” (Esther See, Class of 2010, UC Berkeley)

Please reconsider before the Lord and may the Lord lead you in your decision.

Grace upon grace,
Samuel Lin
Member, College Conference Committee
Christians on Campus, UC Berkeley