Juicy Quotes from the College Conference!

  • A law is always a revelation of what kind of person has enacted that law, so the 10 Commandments are a portrait of God Himself.
  • Prayer is the audible spirit.
  • We must strike the Spirit in the Word with our spirit
  • We should engage our whole being with the Word


  • God’s desire is not just to save us out of something but God’s desire is to be one with man
  • Do you want to be in the vanity of vanities or in the song of songs?
  • There are three legitimate parties in the universe: God, man, and the Word.
  • We can tell the Lord we love Him even if we don’t feel like it. Sometimes all we can say, “Lord, You know I love You.”
  • Whenever we say, “Lord Jesus, I love you,” we are infused with His life.


  • He supplies us with His life, and this life enables us to become one with Him and makes Him one with us.
  • Because we love God, we also love His living word, which infuses His substance into us to cause us to glow with Him.
  • God does not want a people who strive to keep the law; He wants a glowing people to express Him for His glory.
  • We are BELIEVERS, not feelers. Seek the Lord, not a feeling!

quote 4

  • Infusion is morning by morning, here a little there a little, strength to strength, day to day.
  • “Lord, today I’m only going to fail You. I can’t make it, so infuse Yourself into me!”
  • We don’t need to make vows or promises – we just need to love God!
  • Paul was a man beside himself for the Lord! (2 Cor. 5:13).

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