Happy Friday!

We had a wonderful fellowship night a few weeks ago about the different aspects of Jesus Christ portrayed in Matthew. Did you know that Jesus is our friend (Matt 11:19), our king (Matt 1:1, 6), our shepherd (Matt 9:36), and our rest (Matt 11:28-29)? Maybe we know these truths already, but have we realized all that He is in a full way and enjoyed them? For example you may know that mom or dad loves us, but it is not until you go home and spend time with them, maybe eat a delicious home cooked meal that we realize just how much they love you. In the same way, it is not until we spend time with Christ as the word that we begin to realize who He really is to us and we begin to appreciate Him even more.

This upcoming week we would like to encourage you or even challenge you to spend some time musing upon who Christ is in the word. As we study Matthew chapter 12 in the Bible studies this week here are some aspects and verses:

Christ as the Lord of the Sabbath (Matt 12:8)

A God who hides Himself (Matt 12:15-19)

Christ as our hope (Matt 12:21)

Christ as the Son of David (Matt 12:23)

Christ as our brother (Matt 12:50)

Spend a few minutes each day contemplating each aspect. This is not an exercise to know an objective fact, but a happy excuse to spend time with the Lord and be in His presence. A good practice is to locate the verse(s) and use it in prayer to God. Keep eating the word! (Jer. 15:16)

–Sam S.