Fun in the Sun, Shade on the Glade – Thursday Picnics on the Glade, 10/30/14

I really like lying on the grass, more so than most people I think. I like it almost as much as lying on my bed. Sometimes it I like it more. So it was a really big deal for me to find out there were other club members who liked to chill out on the glade as well, just like me. Since last semester we’ve been doing this, having a little picnic out on Memorial Glade every Thursday from 12-2, chilling on a picnic mat, talking and laughing and making fun of each other, throwing a Frisbee around, throwing a football around–just doing anything, really. I usually use that time to catch up on sleep, and mooch off the food and drinks that people bring.

This week I brought a friend and we sat there and people-watched and caught up on life. The great thing about hanging out with fellow believers is that at the end of every conversation there is an opportunity for prayer, for offering up your problems to God, for acknowledging that as much as we rant and rave about the vicissitudes of life, we know that under and over it all is a mighty river and a wondrous plan.

-Titus T