Fellowship Night 11/6/2014

Last week we had our last and final fellowship night of the semester.  Can you guys believe this semester is already done?  I honestly find it hard to believe how fast this semester has gone by!  Before we know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving, then dead week, and then finals week.  But anyway, back onto the subject of the fellowship night, which featured an awesome speaking on the matter of being joined to the Lord in one spirit! This speaking was based off of First Corinthians chapters 6 and 7.  My main takeaway from last night was that we should be joined to the Lord in our spirit, being wholly saturated and filled with Him to the extent where we would be like Paul in chapter 7.  In this chapter, Paul speaks his opinion, but he was so one with the Lord that when he spoke something, the Lord was speaking as well.  Paul says multiple times that it was not him speaking but the Lord, and I was really impressed that we should be like Paul, expressing Him and speaking with the Lord in everything we do.  But how do we do this?  The easiest way is to call on His name, open to Him, and allow Him to spread into every part of our being!  The Lord wants to make His home in our heart, and this means allowing Him to come into every room of our heart, allowing Him to deal with the things in our life.  Obviously this growth in life is a process, but it starts with calling “Lord Jesus” and opening to His workings everyday!

Tim T.