Fall College Conference Recap 11/1/2013

Hey guys, hope everyone’s doing well! We just had our Fall College Conference on “Life and Building in the Gospel of John” and instead of sharing about Bible study, I wanted to share some enjoyments from this past weekend.

In John 12, we see that the place of Bethany where Jesus rested with Lazarus, Mary, and Martha is a miniature of the Church Life. It is a place of feasting, rest, and satisfaction (John 12:2) and a place to perform three important functions for the Lord. The first is that of serving, typified by Martha. The second is testifying, typified by Lazarus, who testified the Lord’s resurrection power. The third is loving and enjoying, typified by Mary. It is important that we function in  all three ways and not just one.

The function of Mary, loving, relates very strongly to the first two. Our enjoyment of the Lord gives us the strength to continue to serve, just like Martha did. Also, just like Mary’s love offering was a fragrant testimony of His sweetness, our enjoying of the Lord is the best way to testify to others of the resurrection power of the Lord. Second Corinthians 2:15 says “we are a fragrance of Christ to God in those who are being saved and in those who are perishing.” The more we enjoy and love the Lord, the more apparent this fragrance will be to others.

Most importantly, how do we go about loving the Lord and keeping up with all three functions constantly? Luke 10:39 says Mary “sat at the Lord’s feet and was listening to His word.” Mary loved the Lord by listening to His word, and we should all try to read the Word as much as we can to increase our love for Him. –Tim T.

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