End of Semester Dinner! Sign up!!

Now that we’re done cramming for midterms, we can move on to more important matters coming up in December (other than finals, of course)…the End of Semester Dinner!!!
Before you head off into your finals cramming session (because we recognize that finals are important, too), come have some dinner and fellowship with us on Dec. 5, the Monday of dead week.

If you’d like to bring something:

Students – drinks or dessert (but if those are full, veggies please!)

Community members – salad or cooked veggies

Dinner is potluck style (but if you can’t bring anything, please still come!) and starts at 6:00 PM. Main dish will be provided! Sign up below (click on the shopping bag icon thingy) and please bring enough of your dish for 6-8 people yes Also if you can’t bring anything and would like to help, please sign up for clean up crew after the dinner is over smiley

Please sign up by Thursday, 12/1 so we can make sure to have enough food.

Hope to see y’all there!!!

Sign up here! http://evite.me/EssqJXzvr8 🙂