College conference enjoyments! | 11/17/17

Hi everyone! There are only a few weeks left in the semester. Let’s all strive to finish strong with the Lord! Here are some juicy quotes that our club members had from this semester’s college conference. May they be a supply to us all!

“Jesus not only accomplished redemption for us, but also allowed us to eat of Him!”
“Let us be brought unto maturity through our eating.”
“Mankind’s very first encounter with God was with God as a tree – this is God presenting Himself as life in the form of food for man to enjoy.”
“The tree of life is the center of the universe.”
“The tree of life enables man to receive God as life.”
“Our God is a moving and dispensing God.”
“Life is incarnated in Jesus!”
“Jesus is the life, Jesus is the tree, Jesus is the tree of life!”

“We need to learn how to enjoy the Lord, how to eat Him, how to take Him in, and how to live by Him”.
“Keep eating Christ, little by little, bit by bit every day.”
“Live ordinary days under the divine dispensing.”
“The simplest way of eating the Lord is our spiritual breathing by calling on the Lord.”
“We need to form a habit of calling on the Lord from the deepest part of our being.”
“We eat the Word by prayer.”
“Open your being and let Him shine into us.”
“Apply the blood and eat the Lamb!”
“The flesh of the Lamb nourishes and supplies us.”
“We have Christian “low times” because we are spiritually malnourished.”
“Let’s not only apply the blood, but also break through to get the nourishment.”
“The only way for us to be strengthened to overcome the world is for us to eat the One who has already overcome the world – Christ!”

“Eat Christ as the passover Lamb so that we can escape from the bondage of the world.”
“Believe and receive Him as our Savior!”
“Eating produces the living – we will live because of Christ!”
“You are what you eat.”
“Your eating dictates your constitution.”
“God’s intention is to change our constitution”.

“The more we eat the manna, the more we correspond to God.”
“After being reconstituted with Christ, then we are qualified to be His dwelling place.”
“Anything that you take other than Christ for satisfaction is a part of the Egyptian diet.”
“Christ should be our unique diet, and we should live by Him alone.”
“We need a change in diet to get a change in constitution.”
“Lord, grant me today’s portion of Christ!”