College Conference 10/17-19/2014

Hey all, hope everyone is doing well! So this past weekend was our College Conference, a weekend filled with awesome messages and amazing blending with the fellow club members. I particularly enjoyed that God in nature is completion.  In the word, God is referred to as the First and the Last, the Alpha and the Omega, and the Author and Perfecter of our faith.  In these words, we see that God begins something and always finishes it because He is the complete One!  We also saw that God has a desire, an uncompleted prophesy: that “He will build His church” (Matt. 16:18)!  As the One who is completion, He surely wants to fulfill this desire but He needs a group of people for this church. We should be ones who recognize the importance of this, who have the same desire as God does, and ones who build this church!  Of course, we can’t do any of this in our natural effort.  Christ is the only One who can build the church so we must allow Him to do it in us.  A prayer I have been appreciating very much recently is that the Lord should be the Omega in our being!

Tim T