#CoCinWA, Day 7 | 3/31/17

Today was our last full day in Seattle sadly. 🙁 The week passed by quickly with all the events we were doing. But I feel like this week we all enjoyed Christ as our allotted portion (Col. 1:12)!

My highlight came from the small group meeting in the evening. Brother Alex and sister Maija, the couple whose house we were meeting at, were very welcoming and warm in receiving us into their home 😊. It was a very cherishing time, and a good opportunity to unwind from all the events from the past few days. I didn’t really realize how much we did until I tried (and failed) to relay all the events that we did during the week. I also had a sweet time of fellowship with sister Maija, who shared with me her experiences transitioning through her different stages of human life, and what has helped her to continue to pursue Him. She shared the importance for her in her current stage as a stay-at-home mother to have companions among the other mothers to pursue with (2 Timothy 2:22) and to take the time she has in her day to have genuine conversations with Him.

During the time together, after a good amount of talking and having fun, some of us brothers just started to sing spontaneously 🎵🎶. One line that I appreciated from a song was “She took opportunity to love You; Lord, with her best. Like her, Lord I too would pour my love and all that I have.” Mary was one who took the opportunity that she had to give herself and pour out her love for the Lord Jesus (Matt. 26:10-11). My hope is that the rest of this semester, I would redeem the time to take each opportunity to love the Lord with my best love!

–Andrew T.

What an enjoyable trip it has been! Sadly, the end of the Spring Break Trip is approaching, but there is no better way to end than by spending time with the other believers. This morning we were able to go to the University of Washington campus again, and we were greeted by great weather (by Seattle standards) and as many have mentioned in the past few days, the beautiful campus, including the cherry blossoms. We spent some more time preaching the gospel, and hallelujah, someone prayed to receive the Lord! 😀 In the afternoon, we went to Seattle Center, and took a tour at Chihuly Garden and Glass, where we got to see exquisite glass sculptures and even learn about the process behind making them. We explored the rest of the area, mainly staying on the outside, but looking up at the towering Space Needle never gets old. At night, we each attended a small group meeting, where we spent some quality time with the brothers and sisters, and it felt just like home.

–Tim T.