#CoCinWA, Day 6 | 3/30/17

Today we went over chapter 3 of the book Living with the Lord in our morning time. Many of us realized that we actually don’t spend that much time with the Lord. It’s easier to ask the Lord about spiritual matters, but when it comes to normal daily things like what to eat, whether to hang out with friends, etc, we tend to make decisions by ourselves. A brother shared that he often consults the Lord and still does what he wants to do. The Lord is a gentleman. He is wooing us and wouldn’t push us to do things we are not capable of or willing to do. Through this process, we gain the Lord and learn to seek more fellowship with Him next time. This whole week has been a great opportunity for us to turn to the Lord in all things moment by moment, day by day. Many of us can testify this has made our relationship with the Lord much sweeter than before. 🙂

–Eric K.

Thursday of the SBT started out with a quick tour of UW’s beautiful campus. The cherry trees were in full blossom, and the weather was perfect. We walked around while throwing Frisbees, all the while admiring the architecture of the buildings, as well as the Suzzallo library. Afterwards, we headed off campus for lunch at UW’s main road, fondly known as “The Ave.” Similar to Berkeley’s Telegraph, The Ave had tons of unique food choices, one of the brothers’ favorites being Greek cheese fries, as well as an authentic Taiwanese restaurant. After lunch, we went kayaking on beautiful Lake Washington, with views of the city and the multiple bridges linking into Seattle. The kayaks were all “doubles”, and initially coordinating the strokes with the paddles was very difficult. However, we learned to work together, and near the end, were able to combine four kayaks to form the first “8 living creatures”, which was a highlight and perfect ending to the kayaking expedition. We then visited the UW campus again, for their weekly Thursday Fellowship, which Joe will expand on 🙂
–Freeman C.

Today’s schedule was very relaxing, starting with a campus tour at UW. The tour was quite interesting, featuring beautiful cherry blossoms, a grand library, and a ton of tourists. Thankfully, we were blessed with a rare occasion of sunshine to go with our tour. Afterwards some students joined the campus Bible study, while others got some downtime to further explore the campus, catch up on studying, or just relax. Fast forwarding to the night, my personal highlight of the day was the Thursday Night Fellowship, a club meeting consisting of dinner, singing, speaking, and reading. Blending with the saints is always awesome, and it was particularly enjoyable to talk with some of the newer ones in the club. We enjoyed in the reading that in our Christian walk, we need a mutual washing of each other’s feet (John 13:14), encouraging and ministering life to one another throughout our days. When we see another member of the Body with spiritually dirty feet who may be struggling to touch the Lord, we should not try to avoid their dirtiness to preserve ourselves, but instead strive to restore them back into a rich enjoyment of the Lord. Praise the Lord, even during this spring break trip we can wash each other’s feet!

–Joe C.