#CoCinWA, Day 5 | 3/29/17

The first half of our day consisted of an early breakfast and fellowship at the Jongs’ place as well as a Boeing tour. My favorite part was the fellowship at the Jongs’, as it was quite touching to see the Jongs open up their home to us with wide, stretched arms—it was nothing but through the love of Jesus. One of the hymns we sang was, “In such a fellowship / Thou, Lord, art grace to me; / My heart and spirit gladdened, filled, / I enter rest in Thee.” This hymn truly embodies the fellowship we has this morning. Each brother and sister was immersed in the spirit of one another but most importantly immersed in God’s Spirit. We laugh and sing and smile when with one another, as we do all these things with Christ. We are spiritually filled each time we gather together and we owe all of the joy of our spirit to God.

–Bella F.

After having a tasty lunch of fish and chips at Ivar’s, we embarked on our next adventure to Whidbey Island. On the island, we drove to Deception Pass State Park, a beautiful area where we were able to explore and marvel at God’s awesome creation (Rom. 1:20). As we walked up, through, down, and around a small mountain, we were treated with amazing views of the water that surrounded us. The scenery was a sight I’ll never forget, and I’m so glad I got to experience it with my fellow brothers and sisters. At one point, both rain and sun were streaming down onto the ground and we caught a glimpse of a double rainbow–the sign of God’s faithful covenant to us (Gen. 9:13)! We were all so excited, taking photo after photo of the nature around us.

After the hike, we drove over to Bothell to have dinner at the Li home. We were treated to an amazing spread of food–everything from Chinese dumplings to chicken Alfredo to onion and potato chowder. With our bellies extremely satisfied, we sat down to sing some songs to the Lord, touch our spirits again, and fellowship from what we had been enjoying this week in Washington. It was really encouraging to hear how all my fellow clubmates had been enjoying and experiencing the Lord growing in them in different ways. At the end, we had some prayer that we would all bring these experiences back to Berkeley to have a lasting impact in our Christian walk.

–Ariel L.