#CoCinWA, Day 4 | 3/28/17


Before going to UW campus to preach the gospel with Christian Students Association today, a brother shared with us one important thing: when Barnabas and Paul were sent to the Gentiles in the book of Acts, they did not just hang out with other Jews or talk about Jewish customs with the locals. On the other hand, they would just eat what the Gentiles were eating. In the same principle, when we are on the campus, we need to avoid unintentionally alienating people from our circle by making ourselves all things to all men like Paul (1 Cor. 9:22).

Preaching the gospel with Dorothy has really marked the highlight of my day, and we found most of the people we talked to quite open and willing to listen. After handing out all of our tracks, Dorothy grabbed my arm, saying, “There’s still four minutes left, let’s GOOOO!!!” She asked Zoe for the last track she had and we started to talk to someone standing aside, eating. Dorothy shared her personal testimonies with her and we both felt that she was seeking for the meaning of  human life. We prayed for her on our way back to the booth.

Even though it was chilly outside, there was a warm flow inside me as God flowed out from and among us. Preaching the gospel with a dear companion is the sweetest experience.

–Tina G.


Pike Place Market, Seattle’s waterfront public market, was our destination for the day. Groups went out to have lunch–chowder, Russian piroshkies, and ginger beer. Some braved the gum wall, which oddly added a pop of color to another grey, windy landscape. From there, some roamed around the market looking at trinkets and fresh flowers or the very first Starbucks while others went down to the piers. To wrap up the afternoon, we visited Seattle’s ten-story library (not to study, for once) to check out a cool piece of architecture with a red hall and spiral floors among other exciting aspects.

–Sophia C.

After the UW gospel time and our trip to Pike’s Place afterwards, we each went back to the homes we were staying with to eat dinner. These times with our hosts have been particularly enjoyable for me because of all of the experiences and stories our host had. She was widowed and spoke from the perspective of someone much older, testifying how even in her difficult situations she was so faithful in her pursuit of the Lord. The fact that she could still say that the Lord was sweet to her and that her love for Him had even increased despite those difficult situations meant a lot to me. One point our host made was particularly interesting to me. She said that if you knew your spirit, you would also know your soul. Sometimes we try to figure ourselves and our souls out by trying different things or distracting ourselves with other things. But what impressed me was that someone that much older than me could honestly say that the key to her human living had been the Christ that she had gained.

–Emily L.