#CoCinWA, Day 3 | 3/27/17

Welcome to DAY 3 of the Spring Break Trip to Seattle! The activity for the day consisted of taking pictures around Rattlesnake Lake and hiking up to Rattlesnake Ledge! It resulted in some beautiful snapshots of the brothers and sisters, and an amazing time hiking up to the ledge. The entire hike was not a silent activity as there was constant singing of songs and hymns and chatting throughout. Upon arriving at the destination, I was able to experience something I had never been able to experience before: being in the thick of a hailstorm without any shelter! Miraculously, the hail and rain stopped for a short period of time to allow us to really experience the beauty from the edge of Rattlesnake Ledge. A wonderful event was lined up after the hike: dinner at the Tans’! We drove to their home and got settled in the living room by the fireplace, getting dry and toasty. As the parents arrived home, we were greeted with an immense spread of food that we were only just able to finish. During the feast, there was no shortage of sharing from casual small-talk to our testimonies of being saved. It was wonderful to experience the hospitality from these saints to the uttermost.

-Matthew H.



I learned yesterday that it’s not what you are doing but who you are with that turns a moment into a memory. We started the day by hiking Rattlesnake Ledge, a supposedly easy and short 40 minute hike that was supposed to end with a beautiful view of a lake. A few minutes in, we realized that we had picked the wrong day to hike. The rain from the past few days left the entire trail sodden and muddy, and Seattle’s unpredictable weather occasionally pelted us with rain and hail. After an hour we finally reached the top, only to be greeted with a hail storm and thick fog obscuring our view! Despite all these things, I remember smiling the whole time. Between singing hymns and Disney songs at the top of our lungs, exploring Washington’s lush natural landscape, and huddling together to stay out of the rain, I got to know my fellow club mates and lovers of Christ much better. Without them I’m sure I would have been miserable, but when I was turned to my spirit I couldn’t help enjoying myself!

Colossians 1:17, “And He is before all things, and all things cohere in Him.”

–Alex N.