#CoCinWA, Day 2 | 3/26/17

Praise the Lord for the Spring Break Trip! Although I hate rain with a burning passion, I am so glad that we’re spending a whole week with so many of the club members in Seattle! Today we spent the morning with fellow Christians in Seattle to remember our Lord and to partake in the bread and wine with all the members of the Body of Christ. Then, we visited Ballard Locks, the Fremont Troll, and the Starbucks Roastery. I was super amazed at learning about the salmon life cycle when we visited the locks, especially since once in my lifetime I considered studying marine biology. In the evening, we were able to meet up with our sister clubs from UC San Diego and the University of Washington. It was the highlight of the day (besides the salmon) to be able to enjoy the Lord with so many students who genuinely love and believe in Him! It is truly something amazing to see the universal Body of Christ. We all may come from different areas, attend different schools, study different majors, but we are all brought together by our love of the same true and living God! Thank the Lord that His love is knitting us together! I am looking forward to the rest of the week, and I hope the Lord will grant us many more experiences of Him.

–Zoe L.

The oneness of the universal Body is so sweet! To be honest, the first full day of the trip was a little disorienting for me, like a collision of two worlds that had previously been completely distinct and mutually exclusive. As one who is from Seattle, I thought of Seattle and Berkeley as two separate localities in my mind–the Church in Seattle was my “home church”, and the Church in Berkeley was my “school church”. At the table meeting this morning, however, I saw these two localities together for the first time, and I was impressed with a fresh realization that the Body is one and the same no matter where I come from, where I am, and where I go. We are one in the Lord, and we were all given to drink one Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:1)! Throughout the course of the meeting and lunchtime afterwards, it eventually even became hard to differentiate immediately which saints were from Seattle and which were from Berkeley, because the blending was so enjoyable. The mutual cherishing and nourishing is the same! 😊 I enjoyed singing a hymn during the table meeting, which says, “We are one as people of the Lord; we declare that we are really one! Not just word, but life in one accord, testify what God in us hath done” (Hymns, 1108). Praise the Lord for the oneness and the one accord! May He use the rest of this trip to continue to blend and knit us together in spirit as His one Body, expression, and magnification!

~Nancy J.