#CoCinWA, Day 1 | 3/25/17

So it has begun, the spring break trip we all have been eagerly waiting for! Regardless of the results of our school work, good or bad, we chose to leave all things that are behind and stretch forth for what is before (Phil 3:13). Hence, we came to Seattle to be with the believers here, and to receive more of Christ’s dispensing and a clearer vision of the one Body of Christ. The weather report, unsurprisingly, lied once again, and the weather here was surprisingly nice today.

One thing I would love to share with you from my reading of Living with the Lord is that the Lord’s intention is not for us to be good and improve ourselves. Of course, neither is it His intention for us to be evil and do wicked things. The Lord’s intention for us is to give Him the absolute opportunity to live in us unrestricted. The Lord wants us to stop all our doing and take Him as our life, to live by Him and to live with Him. May this spring break trip be a week of pure enjoyment of Christ and of us abiding in the Lord.

–Kuang L.

Blending, blending, Hallelujah!

“But God has blended the body together…” 1 Cor. 12:24 or in the Amplified Version: “But God has so adjusted (harmonized, mingled, and subtly proportioned the parts of) the whole body…” Praise the Lord for the Spring Break Trip! I appreciated we started our trip with prayer, remembering the Lord as our Head and as our center and goal, and consecrating the trip to Him. We expressed our desire to gain Him and to see and know more of His Body. I believe the Lord is already answering that prayer.

Tonight, we split up into groups to eat dinner with our hospitality or other local saints in Seattle.  I had the pleasure of eating dinner with four other students at the Hwaungs’ house. It was just a sweet time just to be with them and their three kids and feel right at home though having just met them mere moments earlier. They shared their testimony how each of them was moved to migrate to Russia for the sake of the Lord and the gospel, and ended up serving there for 7 years. It was touching to hear that they were not super Christians but normal believers learning to live and love the Lord moment by moment. One practical advice given was that it’s hard to sense the Lord’s leading when we’re static. Sometimes we need to be willing to move in a direction and just be open to the Lord. The sense of life and peace (Romans 8:6) will then reveal whether it is of the Lord or not. Hallelujah for the riches in the saints (Eph. 1:18) 🙂

–Daniel T.