Christ is our Joy and Jubilee!

Christ is our Joy and Jubilee!  |  10/28/16

Well well well. Look who we have here. I just came back from the middle of nowhere (college conference). Can I just say that, even without reception and minimal wifi, I was still happy! How is that possible?!?! Well let me tell you. Our joy comes from God (Nehemiah 8:10). We are in the age of Jubilee (Luke 4:18-19)! So, we should be happy even without internet! The age of Jubilee, where we enjoy God as our greatest joy ever! (even better than Facebook) The joy is so great that it is unspeakable! And it makes us shout like crazy! AMEN LORD! Anyway, because there are a deficiency of words that can describe this joy, if you don’t believe me, Come And See! Do you still want to be enslaved by the world? Oppressed, Depressed, Compressed, Repressed, Suppressed? Feeling like life isn’t worth living? Do you feel down sometimes due to sufferings and anxieties? Fear no more! If you turn to God and take Christ as your Jubilee, all your anxieties will be gone and you will be happy! Amen for the Age of Jubilee! We shall enjoy Christ to the fullest extent!

As always,