Pursuing God


My experience with God is probably a very common one in that I grew up in a Christian home hearing and knowing about God, but kind of doing it just because my parents did it. Of course, I also loved God, but I didn’t really know anything about Him nor about why He created Man either. As I started to get older, I would see little bits and pieces of who God is, but didn’t really pursue after Him on my own. Every once and awhile, I would say to myself, “It’s time to get into the Word,” and so I would read…for like 10 minutes and then call it a day. Other times, I would read for a huge block of time, but then not read again for months on end. So as I said, this is probably a very common experience among many young believers of the age group from middle school to high school.

When I came to college I realized that this was the first time where it was really up to me to pursue after God. Having that in mind, I remember praying, “Lord, it’s all up to you now. How we go on together is in your hands” (or something to that effect). And He most surely answered this prayer when I came into contact with Christians on Campus. Within this group, I found genuine, seeking members of the Body of Christ pursuing after Him in a definite way. To them, they had really come to know the Lord having searched for Him in His word; that is to say, the Bible was no longer an objective set of ideals, but rather, very subjective and living. Seeing this caused me to really turn to the Lord and say, “Lord, I want to experience You as these ones do. Lord, really show me who You are.”

Now don’t get me wrong; all of this didn’t happen overnight. As I began to get into the Word more and more, I also began to see more and more concerning who God is, and also, what He is doing in these times, what He has purposed in His heart for Man. For me, His Word began to also become more subjective and real, but this spanned a period of months. There were moments when I would read something and not understand it, but because I kept on reading, months later I would have an answer to my questions (and believe me you, I had a lot of them). This, of course, makes sense with our experience of growing up humanly. As a child, a lot of things don’t seem to make sense—like for example why your parents won’t just give you whatever you want. Only later, after you have grown up, do you see that they didn’t do that because they didn’t want you to be spoiled. In like manner, as we begin to grow spiritually in the Lord, we begin to understand more and more why the Lord does what He does.

My experience and enjoyment of, as well as growth in, the Lord has grown substantially over the course of these four years with the help of this club. May the Lord guide you to a place that will help you grow in Him also!

~ JS