First General Recap | 09.13.11

We had a good turnout for our first general meeting. Before we started, we sang two hymns: “Grace tis’ a Charming Sound” and “Christ has Come to be Life.” Both songs were very enjoyable and it was good that we were able to touch our spirits by singing to begin our gathering.

The primary matter covered in the First General was an overview of our club committees. Our committees are the ones responsible for coordinating different aspects of what we do as a club. Committee coordinators each gave a brief description of what their committees do. After all the committees were presented, we passed out signup sheets for those interested in joining a committee and the registration flyers for the upcoming Fall 2011 Northern California College Conference.

Here’s a brief summary of each committee

  • The Activities Committee seeks to provide opportunities for all members to have fun together, get to know one another, and to meet members in our sister clubs at nearby campuses.
  • The Food Committee is responsible for the preparation of the food for all our club events and outings, as well as for our student center (a great place to gather and study!).
  • The Gospel and Shepherding Committee organizes times for members to get together to preach the gospel! Other items handled by the committee include our singing time on Sproul, a weekly prayer time to intercede for one another, and putting together care packages for club members.
  • The College Retreat Committee takes care of all the practical details in preparation for each college retreat. College retreats happen once a semester and they are wonderful times to hear the word of God and to meet other Christian students from Northern California. The next college retreat will be October 28 – October 30. Download the fall retreat registration form.
  • The Trips Committee plans the various trips that our club will be having this year. During our annual Spring Break trip, we visit sister clubs in other cities. Last year, we visited sister clubs in Houston and College Station, Texas.

If you were not able to make it to first general and you want to join a committee, then fill out this form here. If you are interested in a Bible study or small group meetings, signup here.

The date of the next club meeting will be posted soon. We look forward to having a wonderful year together!