12/2/16 Ephesians 4 Bible Study

I can’t believe this past week was our last week of Bible studies this semester. We covered the second half of Ephesians 4 from verses 17 to 32, which describes the daily kind of walk and living needed in the Body of Christ. The standard is quite high: We should be angry, yet not sin; we should not grieve the Holy Spirit, and all our speaking should only be that which is good for the building up. However, I appreciate that we can’t have the second half of Ephesians 4 without the first half. We need the dispensing out from our beloved Head in verse 15. 🙂 Actually, we have this One in our spirit! When we turn and open to Him, He can freely dispense Himself into us and be lived out through us for the building up of the Body. Only then can we truly build up one another, be tenderhearted, and forgive one another just as God in Christ forgave us. Hallelujah for His dispensing! 🙂


Daniel T.