1 Corinthians Bible Study Recap | 11/13/2014

Hey all, hope you’re all doing well as midterm season is starting to finish up (at least for me)!
In this past week of Bible studies, we went over chapter 8 of 1 Corinthians, which dealt with the matter of eating food sacrificed to idols.  Some believers had no trouble eating this food since they knew idols were nothing, but others didn’t have this knowledge and so were stumbled by the believers who ate the food.  It might be easy to get caught up in this matter of who is right or wrong in this case, but I was really enjoying in the Bible studies that this chapter doesn’t focus on whether we should eat meat or not.  Instead, it focuses on caring for our brothers and sisters, taking care not to stumble them in the things we do.  Verse 13 says “Therefore if food stumbles my brother, I shall by no means eat meat forever, that I may not stumble my brother”.  This verse shows Paul’s heart for the other believers, and we can apply it to our daily, practical life today because it extends beyond the matter of food.  If anything stumbles our brothers and sisters, then we should take care not to do it in order to take care of our fellow believers.  But why should we do this?  Verse 3 tells us “If anyone loves God, this one is known by Him.”  If we want to be known by God, we must love Him with the highest love, and this means also loving the things which are on His heart.  Ephesians 5:25 and many other verses tells us clearly that the church, composed of all the believers, is the dearest thing on God’s heart.  So if we want to love God in such a high way, we have to love the believers as well, caring for their feeling and growth in life!

Tim T.