1 Corinthians Bible Study 10/30/2014

So this past week was probably one of the hardest weeks I’ve had in college so far.  I had 3 midterms in the span of 2 days and also got slapped with a biking ticket.  But because this week was so hard, the Thursday Bible study was even more enjoyable and refreshing than it usually was.  We dived into chapter 7, and my favorite point was that nothing should distract us from Christ!  This was very applicable to my current situation, and it was good to be reminded that even though we have all this schoolwork and midterms, even though we might not be doing so hot grade wise, our first focus should be on Christ Himself!  However, the highlight of the night was our Bible study outing afterwards, where we all went to Fenton’s Creamery for good ice cream and a good time.  It was great to unwind and enjoy Fenton’s huge portions with my fellow brothers and sisters (even though I had another midterm the next day). Praise the Lord for the Bible studies, for their ability to refresh us, and for showing us that no matter what happens or distracts us, we should focus on Christ!

Tim T.